This is an employment package estimator that will only be as good as the numbers you put in. We are all individuals and value things differently.

This tool can help you think about the range of benefits a career in Defence affords you. It is not intended to be your only source of information when making important personal decisions, but it may form part of the equation.

How to use this estimator?

This estimator will help you identify the extra benefits a career in Defence affords you. Think of this estimator as an introduction, not an exhaustive list, you may receive additional benefits not outlined here. Think about the value of all the costs covered through your Defence employment, which a civilian would usually pay for out of their own pocket. You will need a current payslip as a starting point. We ask you to estimate some benefits yourself because we are all different, but it’s worth spending a bit of time to understand what a career in Defence is really worth.

Who is this estimator for?

In addition to a competitive salary, ADF members receive a range of other allowances and benefits. These benefits, such as subsidised housing, medical and dental care, fitness facilities, and education, have a financial value. The fact is, as an ADF member, you won’t have to put your hand in your pocket for much, you’ll be very well looked after. This guide will help current permanent ADF members and leaders who want to gain a better understanding of the true value of the ADF remuneration package. It may also be useful for potential ADF members and recruiters.



Primary superfund:


Medicare levy exemption:
(If unsure, choose full)

Package Element

Military salary

Medicare levy saving (estimate)
Annually:    $0
Not sure about costs? Compare private health insurance policies based on your needs at PrivateHealth.gov.au.
Gym and fitness
According to Canstar Blue (May 2023), gym memberships average $81 a month. We suggest calling a couple of local gyms to check prices.
Rent for similar property in the same area
Rent contribution
Housing benefit (estimate)
Annually:    $0
DHOAS subsidy
HPAS received in last 12 months
Personal insurance (eg. death, disability & income protection)
The Moneysmart life insurance calculator can help you estimate personal insurance needs. A comparison website can then help you estimate costs. Members of the permanent or reserve forces should check policy documents for ‘war or warlike’ exclusions.
Education expenses² (eg. DSAS) received in the last 12 months
Annually:    $0
Estimated Military Employment Package per annum $0


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DHOAS – Defence Home Ownership Assistance Scheme
HPAS - Home Purchase Assistance Scheme
DSAS - Defence Study Assistance Scheme

Healthcare costs¹ - The ADF takes care of all your medical and dental expenses, here you can estimate what it would cost you each year in private health insurance and/or other medical and dental expenses.

Education² - If you’ve received tertiary education at no cost or received any form of study assistance in the past 12 months, consider what this would have cost if you’d been employed outside Defence.

Superannuation³ - If you are a member of MSBS or DFRDB the bulk of your super benefit will be in the form of a lifetime indexed pension, based on your years of service and final average salary. The longer you stay in Defence, the larger your lifetime pension. This cannot easily be compared to a standard accumulation super fund. Please contact CSC for an estimate or your current benefit.


  • You enter actual income details as they appear on your payslip.
  • You use a payslip that is indicative of your regular salary and allowances.
  • Re-entered members should choose the fund that is likely to provide the greatest retirement income, for example if you were in DFRDB for most of your career and have just joined ADF Super, select DFRDB.
  • No provision has been made for members that have multiple super funds or that have a defined benefit and accumulation fund. Please contact the Consumer Centre if this reflects your circumstances and you need help entering data.
  • Medicare levy saving is based on your current income and allowances, and reflects the fact that serving ADF members do not pay the Medicare levy.
  • As everyone’s circumstances are different, you will need to consider the costs you may incur when replacing benefits such as healthcare, sport and fitness, housing, education and personal insurances.
  • Superannuation benefit for accumulation fund members is based on the current Defence contribution rate of 16.4%.