Find a financial adviser who provides advice which is free from remuneration-based conflicts of interest.

The ADF Financial Advice Referral Program (the Program) is an initiative designed to assist ADF members in privately obtaining financial advice services which are free from remuneration-based conflicts of interest. The financial advisers in the Program have agreed to provide advice on a genuine fees for service basis. Where advisers are remunerated on a genuine fees for service you can be more confident that you are getting advice that is in your best interests. Before accessing the Program’s referral list, you must:

Educate yourself about the role of a financial adviser or financial planner (information about which can be found in the online video Financial Advisers – the Facts and the Fiction).
Acknowledge that the Program operates by listing certain financial advisers who have agreed to give written declarations to the Department of Defence about issues associated with their general suitability and their remuneration arrangements, and in doing so, is intended to assist you in identifying a financial adviser who is free from remuneration-based conflicts of interest and therefore more likely of acting in your best interests.
Acknowledge that the financial advice will be provided to you by the listed financial adviser and not by the the Department of Defence or any of its organisations, nor is the Department of Defence in any way involved in the commercial relationship between you and the financial adviser or the advice that is given to you. The financial adviser will advise you directly about his or her fees, financial services guide and other business terms.
Acknowledge that although remuneration-based conflicts of interest are a principal cause of poor financial advice, Defence makes absolutely no guarantee, warranty, representation or statement about the quality of the listed financial adviser’s services.
Acknowledge that investment involves risk and that the performance of any investments that you make under the advice of a financial adviser referred to you under the Program will depend on a range of factors including your goals, your risk tolerance and the performance of investment markets. Investments may decrease in value. The Department of Defence makes absolutely no guarantee, warranty, representation or statement about the performance of your investments which are entered into entirely at your own risk.
Acknowledge that if you have a complaint about a financial adviser listed under the Program, you should advise the ADF Financial Services Consumer Centre through the Contact Us form and you may pursue the avenues of resolution described on the website of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.
Acknowledge that if you do not completely understand and agree to the information contained on this page, you must not make use of the Program.