Investing cash is designed to assist you in managing and multiplying your cash reserves. With this resource at your disposal, you can gain insights into different investment strategies and make informed decisions to help grow your cash effectively.

What is it?

A cash investment in its most basic form is money held in a savings account, term deposit, or similar. You will earn interest on your money but aside from this, your investment will not grow. On the bright side, money held in an authorised deposit-taking institution in Australia is a relatively secure investment. There are other more complex cash investments, for example government and corporation bonds, which carry varying levels of risk. Here we will focus on the more straightforward types of cash investment.

How do you invest?

Deposits can be made directly from your pay, by physically depositing cash, by transferring funds from another account, or credited investment returns such as dividends or rental income.

Where to get more information

Type ‘compare savings accounts’ (for example) into an internet search engine to locate comparison websites that can help you find which financial institutions are offering the best interest rates.


  • Suitable for emergency funds and savings for short to medium-term goals

  • Many accounts offering higher interest have conditions or limits attached. Make sure any conditions are in line with how you intend to use the account, or look for another account
  • Don’t be put off by an online financial institution you are not familiar with, the Government guarantees the first $250,000 per person, per financial institution, as long as they are on APRA’s register of authorised deposit-taking institutions (ADIs)